Champagne Harvest 2015 –  harvesting la Rue des Noyers at Benoit Dehu


Benoit in his brand new barel hall

 On Friday, a biodynamic fruit day, Benoit started harvesting his Rue des Noyers vineyard. Well, since his wee accident it is not actually him going into the vineyard but he is very much in charge in the winey. Benoit fell 5 meters to the ground when helping with the finishing touches of his new barrel hall. Luckily he only hurt his leg, but even if he is healing he cannot walk just now. “It definitely required some changes, but with the help of a walkie talkie, my phone, crutches and 2 wheelchairs I am managing just fine” , says Benoit.


meunier running from the press

 Overall he is very happy with the quality of the harvest. “The Meunier s this year is concentrated, healthy and full of flavour; I am sure we will be able to make some great wines this year”, says Benoit. He feels it I the tight year to double his production, keeping all of the organic Rue des Noyers parcel as well as an old vine Meunier plot from which he will make a single vineyard cuvée as well. He is also adding a rosé de saignée in Meunier from la Rue des Noyers and is continuing his different rootstock project. “I realized that different rootstock gives different flavour to the grapes juice and wine; this is why we are making 4 white Meuniers from la rue des Noyers”, explains Benoit. The Meunier itself is clone massale for the whole Rue des Noyer parcel.


Meunier for Rosé de Saignée

Whilst we were there, the Meunier for the rosé de saignée arrived. “I will let the grapes cool down overnight and start the mace ration process in the morning”, says Benoit. He is the only one to make 4 white champagnes and one rosé as well as a red and white coteau from the same parcel – a daring and very innovative take on champagne making!!! 

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