Champagne Harvest 2015 – Vincent Laval at Cumières


Georges Laval harvesting les Chênes

This afternoon I visited Vincent Laval, An iconic organic grower, who started his 2015 harvest campaign with the Chardonnay of Les Chênes. 

Vincent is very happy with the quality of the year. “The grapes are wonderful, the weather is perfect to further ripen and to give us a wonderful harvest” ,exclaims Vincent. 

Les Chênes is often the first parcel to be harvest by Laval. The Chardonnay vines have hen and chicken, and tend to ripen quicker than the red grapes. This year Vincent harvested about 2000 kg in Les Chênes, one press load as he still presses with a traditional Goliath press of 2000 kg. 


The traditional 2000kg Goliath press at Vincent Laval

Tomorow they wil harvest the chardonnay of the Clos de Cumières of Hervé Jestin. Vincent looks after the vines, harvests and presses the grapes and Hervé will vinify the juice at the Chateau d’Avize. 
Vincent also presses a few marc’s for Benoit Marguet and his harvesters also pick grapes for his uncle and a few friends. However these last grapes are not pressed at Laval.


Chardonnay grapes in the process of being pressed

 The harvest will go on till next weekend estimates Vincent. He is hoping to make a little red wine this year as well as champagne.  He estimates that the rosé de saignée, which is still crushed by feet, will be made Thursday or Friday next week. 

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