Count down to #EWBC in Brescia…

I have been waiting for this for a long time and I am happy to say it is almost #EWBC time!! Two more sleeps and I will take myself off to Brescia to meet fellow wine bloggers for a weekend of learning & networking in a fun and friendly environment!

So what is #EWBC? It is the European Wine Bloggers Conference organised by the good people of Vrazon: Ryan Opaz, his lovely wife Gabriella Opaz, and Robert McIntosh.

It is the fourth time #EWBC takes place and it will be my second conference. Last year I wasn’t really too sure what to expect and I hardly knew anyone. However by the end of the conference, I had made friends from all over the world, exchanged a ton of creative ideas and became pretty familiar (and a great fan) of Austrian wine. After the conference, I felt a little lost, but was also full of energy as I could see so much potential, talent and guts. It inspired me to actively look for more of these exchanges and over the past year I have met with quite a few #EWBC alumni and was lucky enough that some of my new friends introduced me to their wine regions. I also got involved with the #vinocamp and have build a positive wine/web/story telling network. And this has allowed me to continue to learn and grow and to become a more confident and happy person.

So what I am expecting from this year’s event?
To be honest – not too much as I have learned a long time ago that high expectations often lead to great disappointments… Instead I prefer to go to Italy as a blank canvas, so I can absorb all of the knowledge, beauty and joy with the innocence of a 3 year old…

And off course I am looking forward to catch up with friends.. And share special wines at the BYO dinner event.. And the great sparkling wine tasting on Friday morning… And to the keynotes and seminars where we will learn more about story telling… And to visit my first wineries in Italy… But most importantly to expand this wonderful network where we can brainstorm ideas for a yet brighter future:-)

About Caroline

Caroline is a certified Sommelier (by the CMS) and WSET diploma student. In order to specialize in the wines of Champagne she moved to the region and currently works as a wine consultant, wine educator and wine writer. She is a member of the Circle of Wine Writers and writes for several international publications including Palate Press, Snooth, Wine-Searcher, Decanter and Vinogusto; further activities include teaching Champagne related courses at Reims Management School and organizing personalized tasting experiences at as well as being a regular judge at international wine competitions.
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