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Why every winery should be signing up for AVIN codes?

On Monday I met with my friend Andre Ribeirinho from Adegga.com and we had a good conversation about the AVIN. Up till then I had only heard very little about this project, but the more I talked to Andre, the … Continue reading

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Lessons learned from Ryan O’Connell’s #levin20 presentation on social media and wine marketing

Today I would like to share the presentation Ryan O’Connell from O Vineyards gave at le #levin20 – I found a video of his presentation last week and I have been thinking about what he was saying ever since. First … Continue reading

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The Social Media Network

I am writing this blog post from the Rennaissance hotel in Vienna. I am here to attend the European wine Bloggers conference and to extend my network with like-minded people:). Whilst I know that attending a conference is a  more … Continue reading

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The advantages of sharing a tasting room in a tourist hot spot…

Last weekend I visited the beautiful Rhineland – Phalz area, and enjoyed a wonderful morning at the Mosel Wine Museum in Bernkastel-Kues (http://www.moselweinmuseum.de). The museum is interactive, and takes you through the wine growing, harvesting and wine making process of … Continue reading

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Thinking outside the box and brand loyalty

In this day and age where most wine sales are driven by price and specials, brand loyalty is something which is pretty hard to maintain. However I recently saw 2 very simple  initiatives by small wineries which  I feel will … Continue reading

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Exporting to the USA & Wine Spectator scores

The USA is an important target export market for most wineries around the world as it is the fastest expanding wine drinking market. The market is also totally driven by the Wine Spectator scores (http://www.winespectator.com). The Spectator scores play at every level – in the same way as a trophy or gold medal can make a huge difference to a winery’s sales. Continue reading

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The famous Wine Marketing Plan…

The famous Wine Marketing Plan – lots of wineries speak about it, but what should it be, and do you, as a small(ish) winery have one?? Well a wine marketing plan in my eyes is the same as any business … Continue reading

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Wine Marketing and Wine Sales: The Cellar Door Dillema

I would like to talk about one of the most profitable ways of bringing your wines to the market – ie by selling them directly to your customers. By bypassing the distribution tiers the winery can take a larger profit … Continue reading

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Winemarketing 101 – how do I begin to sell my wine?

Making great wine often remains the sole focus point for many winery owners and wine makers. Whilst aiming to make the best wine you possibly can definitely is worthwhile and noble goal, I feel at least as much focus should … Continue reading

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getting started

Hi all, Just got off the phone with a winery owner friend of mine and once again realized that the difficulty for small to medium wineries lies in selling the wine (this includes getting paid for it) and that there … Continue reading

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