Champagne harvest 2015 – portrait of a harvester: Nicolas Pinodel


Nicolas Pinodel

Nicolas Pinodel, a recently graduated architect student, is experiencing his first harvest in Champagne at Olivier Horiot. When asked why he chose to come and work harvest he explains: “a friend of mine had a contact to work harvest here, another friend had worked here last year and really enjoyed the experience. It seemed like a fun thing to do, so I signed up to come to les Riceys”.
Nicolas arrived on Tuesday and had 4 days of picking under his belt when I spoke to him. He really liked the atmosphere and the exchange, among the group of pickers and with Olivier and Marie. “I have learned so much since I arrived. For example tonight Olivier showed us the cellar and explained the champagne making process. It really is an exchange of knowledge, we can feel the passion and love Olivier and Marie have for their profession”, elaborates Nicolas. “I knew nothing about organic and biodynamic farming, but I am getting more and more interested by the day”, he adds.

Originally from Brittany, Nicolas is thinking that he may try and take several seasonal agriculture jobs for a year or two to save up and relocate to Columbia. “I have family in Columbia and visited earlier this year. I would love to go and live there and start up a small business, I felt the country has a lot of opportunity. I am not exactly sure about what I would like to do, but working in nature is inspiring me and if I continue to do this for a while I am sure I will come up with  something”, concludes Nicolas. 

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